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Busting Myths About Birth Control Pills

Are you having second thoughts about taking birth control pills? Maybe it is because you have heard bad things about the popular form of contraceptive. What you know is that many negative things that have been said about pills are just myths. Busting myths about birth control pills are the main purpose of this article so read on.

Birth control pills myths

They can cause infertility

Some people believe that using birth control pills, especially for the long term, can cause fertility. No scientific evidence proves this is true. In fact, there is no proven relation between using birth control pillspills and fertility. The truth is, when you stop taking pills, you can immediately become pregnant. This is why it is important to take pills regularly if you don’t want to conceive. Long term usage of medicines can be beneficial to the health because it has been proven to prevent the occurrence of certain forms of cancer.

They cause birth defects

Birth control pills have never been linked to birth defects. In fact, experts have not found any negative side effects associated with the use of birth control pills. Birth control pills are safe. And as mentioned above, it even has health benefits. If you have plans of conceiving in the future, you can use birth control pills without fear that it may cause problems to your future children.

They cause weight gain

This is probably the most prevalent of all myths surrounding birth control pills. This is also one of the main reasons why many women avoid birth contropregnantl pills. Some women who have reported gaining weight while on the pill are probably just barking on the wrong tree. They should look at their diets and their lifestyles instead. No scientific evidence shows that birth control pills can cause weight gain. So figure-conscious women can use pills without worry.

They are simply contraceptives

Some people think that birth control pills can be used only as contraceptives. The truth is, preventing unwanted pregnancies is just one of the health benefits of taking pills. The use of pills can bring about many positive effects. They include regulation of menstruation, less pain during ovulation and the reduction of the occurrence of menstrual cramps. Some doctors have even discovered that the use of pills can have positive effects on the skin. In fact, some dermatologists are known to prescribe birth control pills to their patients who suffer from acne and other skin problems.