Sinus Drainage

People experience sinus drainage as a result of excessive secretion of mucus. Sometimes mucus can run down your throat, and the experience can be worse at night. Other causes include flu, irritants, food allergies, and colds. These conditions can be quite irritating and can lead to gum disease, bacterial infections, breathing problems, bad breath, nasal blockage, headache, breathing problems, and sore throat. Fortunately, there are home remedies to help you get rid of sinus drainage.

Sinus drainage remedies

Drink A lot of water

sinus drainage
sinus drainage

Drinking a lot of fluids helps moisten the mucus lining. This will help you get rid of the excess mucus. You can also try honey, lemon, and hot herbal teas. You should avoid caffeine as much as possible.


Irrigate your nasal passages can help you overcome the problem. Simply consume a mixture of eight ounces of hot water and a teaspoon of salt. You can make use of a Neti pot or the infant aspirator. This will draw water in and then breathing to help nostrils suck the water in. Doing this regularly, your business will be able to function properly.


This is a top remedy to get rid of sinus drainage. You need to pass the steam through the nasal passage. It will warm air, which surrounds the nasal cavities. It will then thin the thick and sticky mucus. The cheapest and easiest way of accomplishing this is to sinushave a hot shower. To improve the results, you are required to spray essential oils such as eucalyptus oil. This will play a major role in helping open the sinus and liquefying your mucus. It is advisable to blow your nose to remove the infected nasal discharge.

The other option is to apply some steam to your nasal passage. Fill one bowl with some water and place the head over it. Cover yourself with the towel. Inhale some steam. You can also use a steam vaporizer.

Avoid spicy foods

Some people do use spicy foods as a temporary relief from sinus drainage. In the long run, you will find this a bad problem. In the end, you are likely to trigger sinusitis.

Avoid dairy products

You are advised to avoid consuming a lot of dairy products when you are suffering from sinus drainage. This is because you will be encouraging excessive production of mucus. When you avoid dairy products, you are likely to experience some relief from the excess mucus. In such a case you may be suffering allergies to dairy products, and you should consult a doctor.

Have some rest

A good rest will hesicklp you deal with problems arising from nasal drainage. When you rest, you can deal with underlying problems, which is causing the nasal drip.


A sinus massage will help you break up excess mucus, which is built up within the sinus passages. Use your fingers to tap and rub gently zones right above your sinuses. The parts include sides of nose, lower forehead, and the upper cheeks.

Knowing the cause of your sinus drainage will help you treat the problem. If it is caused by a viral infection such as a cold, it is a good idea to use a decongestant.