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How to Choose the Right Massage Table

The massage table you choose determines whether or not you will satisfactorily achieve the relaxation you need. While there are numerous considerations to think about while purchasing a massage table, some are extremely necessary and getting them wrong may undermine the utility of this vital acquisition. Read Massage table reviews to understand important things to consider. As such, highlighted below are some fundamental points to consider when buying one. Read on to know how to choose one that boosts your health.

What to consider

Width of the Massage Tablemassage table

You should choose a massage table whose width suits your shape and size. Most importantly, the table should be wide enough to go well with all the treatment styles you want. At the same time, it has to be sufficiently narrow so that you do not strain your back too much during the therapies. Therefore, you should undertake practical postural tests as you select the most appropriate massage table.

Length of the Massage Table

Just like width, the length of the massage table you buy can make a difference between a comfortable and a slightly prickly massage experience. Fortunately, most of these tables come with modifiable head cradles that can be re-adjusted to attain the highest levels of comfort regardless of the user’s height. However, the fact that the benches are adjustable does not mean that length ceases being a consideration. You should even check whether the head cradles are there in the first place.


Most massage tables are made of either wood or aluminium. Even though this is an easy choice for most professional therapists, it still presents a cmassage tablehallenge to amateurs buying tables for home use. While aluminium may be a tempting preference due to its long-lasting nature, experts advise that you stay away from metallic tables. In fact, steel and aluminium massage tables a recent introduction since masseuses traditionally used wooden benches which offer higher levels of flexibility and comfort.


While professional therapists may need to have sturdy, expensive massage tables for intensive use by scores of daily clients, people purchasing tables for occasional home-based sessions need not spend a fortune on these benches. Before you make a choice, sample the many options out there to avoid spending unreasonably huge amounts of money while cheaper alternatives exist. Engage the attendants of as many fitness stores as possible so as to get on overview of the up-to-date massage table prices and go for the most affordable deals.