Reasons to Choose Invisalign

Invisalign is the newest technology that has replaced braces in the alignment of teeth. Long gone are the days when you could see people with chunks of metal on their teeth. Go to Studio City Orthodontist Sherman Oaks for your invisalign. Braces have now been replaced with invisalign that serves the same purpose but is more convenient than the traditional braces.

Why you should choose invisalign

No one will notice theminvisalign

These are clear teeth alignments that camouflage the color of your teeth. The problem with braces is that everyone will notice that you have them at any given time. This is a challenge that many people face especially teenagers because they are continuously teased by their friends. Invisalign on the other hand and no one will even notice that you have them. They will remain invisible until the procedure ends but still serve the same purpose served by braces.

Easily removable

Braces have to stay in place until you visit a doctor who finally removes them. This is different with invisalign because you can remove them anytime that you wish. For instance, when trying to eat your favorite meal, you don’t have to worry about them getting in your way. You can remove them while taking meals and the put the back in place after you are done.

Comfortable and little pain

If you have ever worn braces, then you will appreciate the comfort offered by invisalign. When you visit the doctor, you will appreciate the ease and the little pain that you will experience during the procedure. This is something that you can wear for a long period because it doesn’t affect your normal routine with discomfort.


Braces are heavy and bulky, and this makes you feel like your mouth is filled with chunks of metal. This is an experience that you would not like to endure for a long period keeping in mind that there is a more comfortable option. Braces are light weight, and they can be worn for a long period without feeling the need to remove them at every period.

Easy to clean

Invisalign is a temporary teeth alignment process, and this means that it is very easy to clean and maintain proper oral hygiene. At times when you want to clean your teeth, all you have to do is remove them, brush your teeth the normal way and put them back in place. This is different from braces which are chunky and squeezed making it difficult to access all parts of the mouth.